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May 01, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 9)


  • Beautiful collection of photos
  • No view-all option for photo gallery
It’s no secret that coral reefs are taking a hit from environmental changes, pollution, and natural disasters like tsunamis. What may be less appreciated is how quickly it’s happening, and what we stand to lose. Reefbase, a project of the World Fish Center, focuses on tracking the conditions of various reefs around the world. This includes reports as to the damages caused by various natural disasters and documents describing the state of different reefs today. By far my favorite resource on the site is the photo gallery, which consists of beautiful reef photos taken by everyday people. There is no view-all option, however, so for lack of any better idea, I entered the word “fish” into the search field. It seemed to get the job done. In order to download the high-quality images and other documents on the site, simply register for a free account.
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