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September 01, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 15)


  • Resources for many stages of education/career
  • A lot of advertisements on site

A large number of students today are choosing to earn a Ph.D. after completion of their undergraduate education. Thus, they are faced with the immediate question of how to choose an appropriate graduate program, as well as the eventual question of what type of job one pursues upon completing graduate school. The site PhDs.org seeks to assist students and graduates in answering both of these questions. Created by a former assistant professor in the math department at Dartmouth College (he now works as a consultant), PhDs.org provides information on graduate schools, job postings for PhDs, and general career resources. The general career resources are organized into six categories: getting into grad school, succeeding in grad school, postdoctoral life, finding a job, career guide for scientists, and the big picture. While there are a number of science-specific resources, the website does provide information for all disciplines, such as humanities, social sciences, and business.

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