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November 01, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 19)

Pathway Builder Online

  • Easy-to-use, nice variety of graphics
  • Login glitches

Do you get excited over beautiful, colorful molecular pathways? (Do you collect the free pathway posters at vendor shows and decorate your office or apartment with them? Be honest, now.) Well now you can do one better than simply collect pathway posters—you can make them yourself! Pathway Builder Online is a simple-to-use application through ProteinLounge.com. In addition to the many pathway templates that it provides, the application allows users to select the desired cell, organelle, and molecules to include in the pathway. Easy click-and-position graphics include a variety of colorful ion channels, arrows, and many other animated components. You can add your own text and save your creations. All that is required is registration on the site (it’s free). I did find that the login on the site is a bit glitchy, so you might have to resort to accessing the page from the confirmation e-mail you’ll receive upon registration.

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