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Insight & Intelligence™: Aug 21, 2014

Emerging Policy Issues in Synthetic Biology

Potential future applications and a growing new bioeconomy are bringing issues with research infrastructure, IP, and other areas to the fore.

Emerging Policy Issues in Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology addresses a wide range of industry sectors and types of applications. [© freshidea -]


    Synthetic biology has attracted the attention of the OECD for various reasons. Above all, the OECD is an organization involved with economics, and in its societal applications synthetic biology is currently contributing very little but it has the potential to grow enormously. In such cases, the OECD can become involved to see if there are barriers to growth that can be removed at governmental level, or if there are societal risks involved that need further regulation. Very often both removal of barriers and further regulation are relevant.

    The OECD book Emerging Policy Issues in Synthetic Biology, published in June 2014, looks at both the promise of synthetic biology and the potential pitfalls. Hence it examines the current and potential future applications, with a significant emphasis on the growth of a new bioeconomy, and then looks at policy-related issues in some detail: research infrastructure; investment patterns; intellectual property issues; and governance and regulation. It then investigates governmental policies, those in existence in various countries, and how policy might develop in the future. The current work on synthetic biology underway at the OECD is more firmly focused on the bioeconomy, and specifically biobased production. This work will be published toward the end of 2014.

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